Aigues-Mortes Salt Marshes
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The salt marshes are maintained by the "sauniers", real "farmers of the coast". Salt production has created an original ecosystem that is particularly rich and diverse. The process of sea salt production has resulted in conditions that are favourable to the feeding, the reproduction and rest for many species of birds. In fact, more than 192 species of plants, more than 750 flamingos and over 200 species of birds are present on the Mediterranean's salt marshes, and their numbers are growing thanks to waters with a particularly high salt concentration. This environment is also conducive to the development of a diverse flora (sea grapes, sea daffodils...).

This environmental awareness is also strong on the salt marshes of the Atlantic coastline, the region where La Baleine grey salt is sourced. Salt production in these salt marshes permits wildlife to flourish, including different species of water birds such as terns and gulls.