Aigues-Mortes Salt Marshes
Maintenance and preparing salt tables
  • Repairing of the irrigation gates which allow water to pass from one salt table to another.
  • Levelling of the salt tables to let the future deposit of salt to be removed easily.
February & March
Water management and salt production
  • First water filling of the salt tables with the concentrated sea water
    which has been stored in the reserve basins since the month of September of the previous year
  • Sea water pumping
  • Salt crystallization
  • July: the harvest of Fleur de Sel
April to September

Harvest and preparation of the following harvest
  • Harvest of the salt cake deposited at the bottom of the salt tables.
  • Water filing of the storage basins for next years's harvest.

Rest for the salt tables
  • Desalting of the salt tables with the autumn rains
  • Maintenance of the dykes and the salt marshes
October to February