Product Range
Coarse salt, harvested on salt tables, is naturally white and its large size crystals are of unique purity. Coarse salt added at the end of cooking, or when serving, brings a more crunchy touch, a more accurate taste. It is also used to salt cooking water and for salt crusts.
Fine salt is the salt with the smallest available granulation. Fine salt diffuses the salt taste, the small crystals deeply penetrate food.
The La Baleine salt grinder releases all the original qualities of a crunchy, freshly-milled salt on your plate.
La Baleine Fleur de Sel is the fine, naturally white, crystal layer which is found on the surface of the water, on the salt tables. La Baleine Fleur de Sel is selected with the greatest possible care. It is the first salt harvested by hand. Enhance the flavour of a simple tomato or a delicious steak with a touch of Fleur de Sel La Baleine.